Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The artists in this exhibit are: Ron Belanger, Charlie Anne Breese, Kira Carrillo Corser, Celia Durand, Joan Everds, Ursula Freer, Henry Heerschap, Valerie Samuel Henderson, Kris Hodson Moore, Dolores Glover Kaufman, Marc Kitaen, Beverly Larock, Kat Larsen, Kaz Maslanka, Joe Nalven, Sfona Pelah, Jill Rowe, Renata Spiazzi, Mel Strawn, Michael Sussna, Pasha Turley, John Valois, Michael Wright, Lee Zasloff.

Here is a sampling of the imagery in the exhibit, representing the diversity of contemporary art in digital media.

Artists:  Henry Heerschap (Upper Left); Michael Wright (Upper Right);
 Dolores Glover Kaufman (Lower Left); Jill Rowe (Lower Right)

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